q. why does dustin call you fred?

a. dustin began working for me at a young age and it wasn't cool to call me dad on the jobsite.

Q. what happened to your home that was flooded?

A. it was a complete loss. we settled into a nearby place shortly after the flood

q. have you always lived in north Dakota?

a. I moved there after retiring in 2004. I was born and raised in south texas and then lived in Louisiana for 35 years until retirement.

q. is dustin your only child?

a. I have four children, two daughters and two sons.

q. what is with the big boot?

a. hmmmm...which story should I use today? it was a childhood accident.

q. have you always been a miner?

a. I was a commercial diver for many years and then i was an independent contractor doing waterfront, bulkhead, dock and pile driving construction in south Louisiana. I didn't go mining until retirement in 2004.

q.do you have to reclaim the land after you are done mining?

a. yes, it is required. you must restore the land (less the gold)

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